The Apiary

From dream to reality.

Think Big

This hive stand will be for new hives in 2021.

Toward the Future

“Nuc Palaces” and “Queen Castles” where new queens will hatch out, mate and start her new colony.

Tools of the Trade

Needful things to make the life of a beekeeper easier

The Basics

For the beekeeper:

  • Tools
  • Registration
  • Much More

For the Bees

  • Installing new bees
  • Maintaining bees
  • Health


  • Drones
  • Queens
  • Nucleus Colonies
About Us

Being a new beekeeper myself, I wanted to provide a landing board for others who aspire to become a successful beekeeper. My vision is to provide a starting point so others can branch out further and faster in their beekeeping venture. This site is still being developed and hopefully will evolve into something useful.