The Apiary

From dream to reality.

Think Big
From three to many!

Expansion on the horizon

Toward the Future
Queen cell protectors for incubator

2022 Vision: more splits, queen grafting, new mating yard and additional apiary location!

Tools of the Trade

Needful things to make the life of a beekeeper easier

The Basics

For the beekeeper:

  • Tools
  • Registration
  • Much More

For the Bees

  • Installing new bees
  • Maintaining bees
  • Health


  • Drones
  • Queens
  • Nucleus Colonies
About Us

Being a newer beekeeper myself, I wanted to provide a landing board for others who aspire to become a successful beekeeper. My vision is to provide a starting point so others can branch out further and faster in their beekeeping venture. This site is still being developed and hopefully will evolve into something useful.