Living in a rural area, where there is only satellite internet available, means measured internet service which equals limited data to watch videos and big downloads. So I have to search out websites with good information. Then when I can’t sleep – take advantage of the ‘bonus time’ and watch the videos I am interested in.

Forums & Suppliers

Check your local beekeeping association or extension office for local resources. Here is a short list of big bee suppliers. I am not endorsing any of them and do not get any monetary benefit from them.

Mann Lake


Blue Sky


Jason Chrisman – Central Ohio Beekeeper

Kamon Reynolds – Tennessee Beekeeper

Bob Binnie – North Carolina

University of Guelph- I know it sounds like something out of Stars Wars but Paul Kelly is very knowledgeable! U of G/Paul Kelly

These gents have shared a lot of practical knowledge to help keep one ahead of the curve. They really want to help others succeed. Plus there are many others who just might explain things in a way for you to gain understanding.

Find you Zone

Know your zone! This will allow you to compare apples to apples when reading information and making adjusts. My apiary is located in Zone 6a. Our Winters tend to be moderate and not quite as severe as in more northern areas of the country. The location of the apriary is also in a valley and I can count on the temperatures particularly throughout the night to be a bit colder than stated by the local news weather person. I just thought this map was for plants but it is very helpful.

Learn the Signs

It is helpful to pick up on nature’s cues in its response to the change of seasons and letting you know the climate trends happening right in your area. There a measurement known as the GDD. What’s that? Growing Degree Days. It is a calculation and a good reference even if you don’t grow crops. Since I’m in Ohio, just so happens Ohio State University has a handy GDD tool that indicates what is showing evidence of growing at the current time. I didn’t know the fawn and flora in my area with any great detail. But this tool gave me trees and plants to look for that were showing signs of growth. It was amazing to identify silver maples because of their funky and alien like bloom. This was telling me nature was saying things are warming up. Here’s the Link

Silver Maple bud

Let’s collaborate!

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