High Winds and Repurposing

Well things happen! All the while the focus has been on the bees I didn’t consider the repurposed playhouse (which is now a small tool shed) getting blown away. Yesterday it was windy all day and into the evening. There were lots of limbs and branches down. It was a bit unusual to have so much wind.


The tool shed which houses my smoker, toolbox, bucket of hay and robber screens is a repurposed Little Tikes playhouse. The playhouse has been a brooder house for red golden pheasants, an infirmary for a recuperating chicken on occasion , and a garden shed. It even survived an electrical short from a brooder lamp to keep peeps warm. It just keeps on giving. Now it is safe and secure.

Ratchet strapped down to stake and iron fence

It was a chilly 30F this morning. The bees weren’t out so it made the repair work much easier without them buzzing around specially since my helper gets nervous around the bees.

The forecast for the week is showing a warming trend. It will be a welcomed break for the bees and us before it starts staying cold.

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