Here I am now approaching my third year in beekeeping. I’m amazed at what these little creatures have taught me. They helped me rehabilitate from surgery, got me off my duff and moving. They engaged my mind through observation, reading and listening. The amazing people met has been a joy.

In summary of 2021, a swarm from one of my big Spring hives was retrieved. The other two robust hives were split multiple times. The colonies raised new queens and I had to only purchase a couple. A virgin queen I was given was successfully introduced into a hive and accepted, the colonies were treated for varroa mite control and fed to help enable them to get through Winter. It wasn’t a good year for gathering honey but 2022 should be much better.

I have attended beekeeping classes and rubbed elbows with fellow area beekeepers I have met. YouTube has been a helpful resource for learning and being introduced to reputable teachers in the field. Learning to do Oxalic Acid treatments for the control of varroa mites was an experience. I have the smaller wand vaporizer. It has to be hooked up to a battery. Thankfully two batteries were on hand because it takes a lot of ‘juice’ to get the powered oxalic acid to vaporize. After treating 14 hives I can now say I have mastered the technique. ha,ha,ha

OAV treatment End of December

Now I find myself giving back to my community by helping to restart a beekeeping association from the ground up in our county and surrounding area.

Sights are set on queen grafting to make my apiary more self-sustaining and perhaps produce enough extra to help out local beekeepers who are considering re-queening their hives. A new friend has offered a location to place a couple of hives on. This will allow for more hive management options. Starting nucleus colonies are in the plans as well. Then there is the honey!

If you are willing to develop your dreams and visions and take the action upon them, it truly is amazing what doors open as you take the steps to walk through them. It’s scary at first because you haven’t proved anything. The proof comes in the doing. Sometimes in the form of tripping and tumbling but that just means you are learning. In the end the reward outweighs the stutter steps.

Growth from 3 to 14 hives!

Spring 2022 will take on a whole new meaning! Thanks for following and supporting my adventure.

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