Beginnings of Spring

The Spring equinox is something every beekeeper anticipates along with the honey bees. The increasing daylight and warmer air temperatures slowly send energizing cues to the ground below and awakens the trees. The bees begin to use more energy raising brood as the queen senses the favorable conditions to building up the colony. The beekeeper changes focus from Winter survival to Spring management, in anticipation of the honey flow.

March went out like a lion with lingering cold temperatures and lots of wind. At some point the temperatures will begin to constantly stay warm.

Emerging drone! Queen grafting will begin soon
Early Spring snow
Successful overwintered honey bees

Striking a balance between swarm prevention and having a good population of bees to capitalize on the upcoming honey flow is a rewarding challenge.

At the moment the wait is on for drones to emerge while continuing to mature so they will be ready to mate with virgin queens.

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