Multiplication and Manipulation

The apple blossoms have come and are almost gone. Often the apple blossoms get frost bit but not this year! The dogwoods are blooming along with some unidentified trees. This all signals the nectar flow is on and food is in abundance. The bees are building up furiously. The April rains have subsided and May has brought the arrival of the returning Baltimore Orioles!

Two colonies have been relocated to a location 7 miles away. Another colony will be moved there next week. There will be another out yard a couple of miles away as well.

My apiary has doubled in size with all the splitting and swarm catches. I’ve transformed from a backyard beekeeper to a hobbyist. I am developing my queen grafting and colony management all with a view to share the increase and recoup some of the investment I have made.

Found and caged the queen. Then placed her on top of the frames . . .
The rest came marching in

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